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Absorption & Transmission

The Phos-4 can be used with a spectrometer to measure optical transmission / absorbance. The Phos-4 can be used with a cuvette holder with collimated fibre optic connectors, a fibre optic transmission probe or a custom optical assembly

Case Study : Fliter Transmission Measurement

The figure to the left show a typical setup for measuring optical transmission.  –
The Phos-4 is fitted with a P4-VCAW-U00 to allow measurement from 380nm to 700nm;
The Phos-4 and spectrometer are connected to the optical block using optical fibres; the light within the block is collimated; The lenses under investigation are inserted in the collimated beam.

The spectrum below is the uncorrected Phos-4 spectrum, with the P4-VCAW-U00 Multi-LED module.

Below is the normalised Phos-4 spectrum, showing a transmission of 100%. Note that the useful wavelength range extends down to 380nm.

The transmission spectra below were measured from coloured glass and an interference filters