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We can provide you with a number of services for your project

  • LED Identification
  • Filter Identification
  • Custom Fiber Optic Sensors

If we can help you with these services please contact us using the contact page or email us directly

LED Identification

With a database of over 300 LEDs from a range of manufacturers, we can help you select the best LED that meets your requirements.

We can select your LED on the basis of Peak and FWHM Wavelength , Luminous Intensity, Radiant power, Viewing angle, Package and many more parameters.

We can generate a new PCB so that you can evaluate the device you have selected in the Phos-4 or any other PCB you require.

Filter Identification

Using our a database of filters, we can identify the optimal filter for your application.

Working with fluorescence ?

Send us the absorption and emission spectra of your compound and we can identify the ideal combination of excitation filters and detection filters to meet your requirements.

If you are using the Phos-4 and one of the Off-the shelf LED modules as the light source, we’ll do this for free !

Furthermore, we can model the combination of filters and the spectral output of our range of LED modules to give you the best indication of the system performance.

Custom Fiber Optic Sensors

When it come to fiber optic sensors and bundles, in the words of the Rolling Stones “you can’t always get what you want”.

But we can give you what you need.  We have made custom bundles to connect the Phos-4 to spectrometers with bespoke sensor heads.
Our favourite if the 5 fiber needle where 3 fibres form a line in front of a spectrometer slit; Of the two remaining fibres, one connects to a Phos-4 with a UV LED and the to a Multi-LED module with visible wavelengths.

Custom Sensor with 5 fibres