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Fibre Coupled LED Light Source – Power with Precision





Independent LED drives


mA Per LED Drive


mA Maximum


All the Phos-4 LED modules are based on high power, surface mount LEDs.
With some of the LEDs developing up to 150 mW total power with a radiant intensity value of >300 mW/Sr, coupling into a 600µm 0.39 NA fibre can exceed 20mW.

With that much power around, please do take note of the warning labels and the safety information.

For more details, check out the Products page for the specifications.


The Phos-4 is an incredibly stable LED light source.

Each of the 4,  LED drives is based on a ±8ppm voltage reference.
Combine that with thermal clamping to 35±0.02°C, the drift in the output power can be as low as -0.02% / hour in continuous mode.

The thermal clamp and precision drive also means you can be sure that the spectral output will be as stable.


The beauty of the Phos-4 is that you have flexibility with:-

  • Wavelength Selection
    • User Interchangeable LED Modules;
    • Wavelength options ranging from 285 nm to 730 nm;
    • Multi-LED die devices allowing adjustable combinations of wavelengths;
  • Configuring the optics
    • X,Y,Z adjustment of the focusing lens;
    • P4-FPAD to mount a filter or diffuser in the light path;
    • Fiber coupling options
      • SMA 905
      • 16mm,  5/8″ diameter bundles
  • Controlling the LED drives-
    • USB (for PC, LabView, MatLab);
    • UART (µControllers);
    • TTL Logic controls;
    • Analogue voltages.

If you need other wavelengths, control inputs, or help optical selecting filters – We can help !   Please get in touch through the Contact page.

Multi – Wavelength LEDs

The Phos-4 is the only integrated fibre coupled LED light source that allows you to control Multi-Die LED’s. What does that mean ? Well the options are endless but here are a few.

Need a white light ranging from 400 nm to 700 nm try the P4-VCAW-U00.
Comparing fluorescence intensity at 400 nm and 450 nm try the P4-VGRB-U00.

We will be uploading application videos to our YouTube channel to show you how to get the most of your Phos-4.

The Phos-4 – The LED light source for scientific, measurement and spectroscopy applications

  • Temperature clamped
  • Up to 4 LEDs Drives for single and Multi-LED Modules
  • 4, Independent, linear mode current drives
  • USB, UART, TTL, Analogue
  • In-line optical filters